Below are the GitLab links to the public presentations I have done.  Happy to talk on a subject, please reach out to me at my email alnis at

DAX Gently

As DAX can get deceptively wicked, I thought it a good idea to do a talk to try to flatten the learning curve a bit.  Slide deck and sample Excel sheets can be found at

Azure Machine Learning and R

This is a talk where I clearly tried to do too much in one session.  R fundamentals, Data Science principles, Azure ML principles, and putting it all together in a demo.

Data Vault

Once we decided to implement a Data Vault, I thought that there was no better motivation to encourage me to learn about it than to prepare a public talk.  It was extremely well attended and happy that it created a fair bit of discussion during the talk, and at the pub later.

M and Power Query

The complement to the DAX Gently talk I did a while back.  There is a fair bit of movement at the station with Power Query so a perfect time to get the conversation started.